Political Science winner Mariam Ali with winners from other departments and her professors Jérémie Cornut and Clare McGovern

Student Learning Commons Writing Competition

October 15, 2018

The Department congratulates Sarah Yorston and Mariam Ali whose papers received Honourable Mentions in the Student Learning Commons’ inaugural Undergraduate Writing Contest.

Sarah is taking a Major in Criminology and Legal Studies and a Minor in Political Science. Her paper How to Get Away with Rape: Charter Protections and the Right to a Fair Trial was written for Clare McGovern’s POL 428 class (The Charter of Rights and Freedoms). It researches how courts balance the rights of defendants and victims in sexual assault cases. Mariam is in the French Cohort Program. Her paper Re-opening the Canadian Embassy in Iran was written for Jérémie Cornut’s POL 347 class (Canadian Foreign Policy). The author takes on the role of the Canadian Minister for Foreign Affairs, considering whether Canada should re-establish diplomatic relations with Iran.

You can read all the winning papers here and find details of the 2018 Writing Contest here.

Political Science winner Sarah Yorston