POL 121 Students Design Ads for the BC Referendum on Electoral Reform

As you know, in November 2018 BC is having a referendum on changing its electoral system.

Want to know more? Students in Dr. McGovern's POL 121 class have been learning about the voting systems in question: First Past the Post (FPTP), Dual Member Proportional (DMP), Mixed Member Proportional (MMP), and Rural-Urban Proportional (RUP).  

Check out their ads below for the SFU student community!

Don't forget: the deadline to request a ballot is Friday Nov 23, and the deadline to return your ballot is Friday Dec 7. More information at https://elections.bc.ca/referendum/.

Harpreet Beesla, Nisha Manhas and Marian Nguyen:

What proportional representation system are you? But, seriously, take the student's Buzzfeed quiz to help you choose a system. Plus, check out the students' Referendum Twitter feed as well!   

Ryan Blackwell, Jason Chin, Jacob Hould and Michael Lenko:

This student team created a Snapchat video to create awareness around the BC Referendum See their video on YouTube

Tyler Chretien, Jaskaran Oberoi, Madeleine Simmons and Kevin Wong:

Somtimes all we need is a good graphic or two to understand a complex principle. Or better yet, a full poster! Have a look at this student team's informative poster.  

Brian Kang, Jacob Ahluwalia and Surathat Pittayakornpisuth

Another student team set out to create a video to educate students on the BC Referendum. Find their video on YouTube as well.

Celia Kowch, Chris Mitchell and Jocelle Refol:

The final student team turned to Instagram to provide information to students about the BC Referendum. See their Instagram feed.

Thanks to all student teams and to Dr. McGovern for such a fun assignment!