“Hard work and diligence

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Elaine Carmen is one of the winners of the Dean’s Undergraduate Convocation Medal, which acknowledges not only her high academic achievement, but also her continued dedication to extra-curricular activities.

Congratulations to Political Science major, Elaine Carmen, who last spring won the prestigious Dean’s Convocation Medal for 2017 as one of the top graduating students at SFU. This honour, given to just two students in the Faculty of Arts and Social Science, caps an impressive SFU career for Elaine. She maintained a 4.10 GPA throughout her studies, while also completing four co-op terms, including a year teaching English in South Korea as part of the TaLK . 

Elaine credits her success to her diligence, hard work, and passion for learning: “Growing up, I was raised to see the value of diligence and how much more satisfying it is to do my best, rather than do something without heart and without purpose,” reflects Elaine Carmen. 

Her dedication to hard work has paid off, as she completed her BA in Political Science this past spring. Elaine pursued a degree in Political Science because she loved social studies, law, and history in high school. In addition, a Political Science degree allowed Elaine the flexibility to choose between different career paths, such as law or teaching, which she was considering during her undergraduate degree. 

Elaine was also active in her community, volunteering as a Children’s Ministry local coordinator in church since high school. 

Volunteering as the local church coordinator has not only taught Elaine patience and time management, but also developed her love of working with children. “I enjoyed working with children: teaching them, interacting with them, and leading them. Moreover, I enjoyed everything else that came with teaching, whether it was class preparation, classroom decoration, or curricular development.”

This year Elaine is working and living in Japan as part of the JET Programme. Afterwards, she plans to return to Canada and obtain her teaching certification. 

Congratulations again to Elaine! We wish her and all of her fellow Political Science graduates much success in their future endeavours.