1: Departmental Meetings

1.1. Membership

In addition to Members of the Department, one graduate student representative and one undergraduate student representative shall have full voice and voting privileges at Department Meetings.

A Departmental staff representative shall have full voice and voting privileges at Department Meetings except with regard to personnel matters.

All teaching instructors, adjunct professors, professors emeriti and members of the Departmental staff shall be invited to attend Departmental Meetings; they shall have full voice but no voting privileges, unless such privileges are explicitly granted to them by the members of the Department and set out in these bylaws. They shall not vote on hiring matters.

1.2. Proxies

In the event that a Member of the Department cannot attend a Department Meeting, a proxy ballot shall be allowed, on specific terms, providing the proxy arrangement is made in writing and a copy provided to the Department Chair specifying the nature of the proxy arrangement prior to the relevant meeting.

1.3. Agendas

Department Meetings shall adopt the following agenda:

1. Approval of Agenda
2. Approval of Minutes of Previous Meeting
3. Old Business
4. Chair's Report
5. Committee Reports
6. New Business
7. Adjournment

1.4. Minutes

Minutes of Department Meetings shall be kept and copies provided to each Member of the Department and to every one present at these Meetings.

In order to aid in the completion of minuting, a Departmental staff member may attend meetings and record minutes in writing.