2: Committees - General Procedures

2.1. Types of Committees

The Department Meeting may, from time to time create Standing Committees, Ad Hoc Committees and Field Committees. The membership and mandates of these committees will follow the general procedures described herein and will have their terms of reference included in these bylaws.

Election of Committee Members

The membership of all Department Committees shall be set out in the Committee Terms of Reference listed below and may include Department Members, members of the teaching faculty who are not Members of the Department, graduate students, undergraduate students, and members of the Departmental staff.

All Committee membership positions shall be deemed vacant at the beginning of May and subject to re- election in the preceding month of April when a nomination committee of at least three members of the Department appointed by the chair shall solicit and receive nominations. The nomination committee shall receive nominations for the Standing and, when appropriate, Ad Hoc committees, distribute ballots and tabulate the results.

Committee membership positions allotted to Members of the Department shall be filled by secret ballot following a written call for nominations made at least 72 hours prior to the distribution of the ballots which then shall be completed by the members of the Department and returned within a period of seven days. Those individuals receiving the most votes shall be deemed Members of the committee concerned. In the event of a tie vote for the last position on the committee, both members shall be deemed elected.

2.3. Method of Selecting Committee Chair

If the method for selecting the position of committee chair is not specified in the committee terms of reference, then upon election of committee members, that Member of the Department elected to the committee whose surname comes first alphabetically shall call the first committee meeting. The first item of business at that meeting shall be the election of a committee chair whose renewable term shall expire at the beginning of the next Fall term.

2.4. Responsibilities of Committee Chairs

Committee chairs shall be responsible for all committee affairs. Among other things, they shall:

1. Call committee meetings and ensure notice of committee meetings is provided to all committee members at least 24 hours in advance of a meeting.
2. Maintain order and decorum at committee meetings.
3. Maintain minutes of committee meetings.
4. Report to the Department Meeting on the activities and progress of the committee.

2.5. Committee Quorum


Except for the Tenure and Promotion Committee (T.P.C.) the quorum for a committee shall consist of 50 percent of the Members of the Department who are committee members. For the T.P.C. the quorum shall be four members and the Chair.