5: Field Committees

5.1. Establishment of Field Committees

Until it is otherwise decided by the Department, the Fields are: Political Theory; Canadian Government and Politics; Comparative Politics; International Relations; and Governance--i.e., Public Administration, Public Law, Public Policy, and Local Government and Politics.

The Department Meeting may from time to time establish Field Committees in order to aid the co-ordination of teaching and other duties in the Department.

5.2. Membership in Field Committees

Field Committee membership shall be limited to all faculty teaching courses in the Department which are listed in the Departmental handbook as falling within a specified field.

5.3. Duties of Field Committees

Field Committees shall:

1. Approve thesis proposals and report to the Graduate Studies Committee.

2. Set reading lists and examinations for students opting for the all-course M.A. and report to the Graduate Committee.

3. Make arrangements for the evaluation of examinations written by candidates to the all-course M.A.

4. Examine the prerequisite structure of courses in the field and recommend appropriate changes to the Undergraduate Studies Committee.

5. Recommend to the Undergraduate Studies Committee or the Graduate Studies Committee the deletion of existing courses or the creation of new ones.

6. Interact with sessional instructors in the field.