Article 1.
All tenured and tenure track faculty members appointed by the Academic Vice-President to the Department of Political Science at Simon Fraser University shall constitute the Department and shall be deemed members of the Department.

Article 2.
In conformity with University policy and regulations, the chief governing body of the Department shall be the Department Meeting and its chief officer shall be the Department Chair elected in accordance with University Policy A13.02.

Article 3.
Department Meetings shall be convened from time to time by the Department chair and shall be conducted in accordance with this constitution.

Article 4.
Department Meetings and meetings of all Department committees shall be conducted according to the rules and procedures contained in Roberts Rules of Order unless otherwise specified in this constitution.

Article 5.
The Department Chair or a nominee of the Chair shall chair Department Meetings.

Article 6.
Amendments to this constitution may be proposed by any member and must receive the support of two-thirds of the Members of the Department at the Department meeting before which they are placed for a vote. Such amendments must be circulated in writing to all Department Members at least one month before they are voted upon by the Department Meeting.

Article 7.
The Department Meeting may, from time to time, by a 2/3 vote of those present pass Departmental Bylaws which shall be binding upon Department members.

Article 8.
The quorum for a Department Meeting shall be 50 percent of the members of the Department. Proxies shall not be counted towards a quorum.

Article 9. 
For the purposes of Articles 6 and 8 "Members of the Department shall mean those members of the teaching complement of the Department who are not on leave."

Article 10. 
Members of the Department, one undergraduate student representative, and one graduate student representative shall ratify recommendations of the Appointments Committee the composition and duties of which are outlined in Bylaw 3.1.