A.H. Somjee

Associate Professor

M.A. (Agra)
Ph.D. (London)


A.H. Somjee, Professor Emeritus, received his Ph.D. from the London School of Economics. He has taught at the University of Baroda, the London School of Economics, University of Durham, and the National University of Singapore. He was also appointed as an Associate Fellow at the Queen Elizabeth House, Oxford University, and was invited to Harvard University, several times, as a Visiting Scholar. He is a charter member of the Simon Fraser University Faculty and was awarded a Research Professorship. He is now Emeritus Professor of Political Science. His main areas of interest are normative political theory, development theory, development process, and social and political change in emerging societies. He has written ten books, co-authored several, and has published a large number of research papers in scientific journals. His published works include: Development Success in Asia Pacific (co-authored with Gita Somjee) (1995), Development Theory (1991); Political Capacity in Developing Societies (1986); The Political Theory of John Dewey (1968). A number of his books have been translated into French, German and Spanish. He has been on the editorial board of several journals, consultant to international development agencies, and has been elected as a convenor of the panel on "Rethinking in Political Development" of the International Political Science Association. Oxford University has invited him as a Visiting Research Scholar for the academic year of 1996-1997.