Andrew Heard


B.A.   (Dalhousie University)
M.Sc. (London School of Economics)
Ph.D.  (University of Toronto)


Phone: 778-782-3043
Office Location: AQ 6034

Professor Andrew Heard's current research interests focus on Canadian constitutional and institutional issues. He has published Canadian Constitutional Conventions: The Marriage of Law and Politics, 2nd Ed., (Oxford University Press, 2014), as well as articles and chapters on constitutional conventions, senate reform, the crown, federalism, judicial behaviour, parliamentary privilege, the electoral system, and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Dr Heard teaches courses from the first-year introductory class to graduate seminars. In addition to his research interests above, he would be happy to supervise selected topics in Commonwealth parliamentary systems, human rights issues, and aboriginal self-government. Dr. Heard held a Canadian Parliamentary Internship before obtaining his Master's from the London School of Economics and Ph.D. from the University of Toronto. He has previously taught at Dalhousie and at Rhodes University in South Africa, where he was born.