Course Schedule

Schedule for Spring 2018 (term code 1181)

Course Number

Course Name

Days and Times



POL 802

Political Research: Design and Analysis

F 13:30-17:20

BLU 11911

M. Pickup

POL 803

Qualitative research Methods in Political Science

W 13:20-17:20

AQ 4115

C. McGovern

POL 812/411*

Seminar in Modern Political Theory

Tu 13:30-17:20

WMC 2531

D. Laycock

POL 827

Issues in Canadian Government and Politics

F 9:30-13:20

WMC 2530

A. Heard

POL 840

Issues in International Relations, Foreign Policy and Security

M 17:30-21:20

WMC 2530

J. Cornut

POL 842/448*

International Law and Organization

W 9:30-13:20

AQ 5047

J. Busumtwi-Sam


Schedule for Summer 2018 (term code 1184)

Course Number

Course Name

Days and Times



POL 837

Issues in Comparative Politics

M/W 13:20-17:20**

HCC 3122

M. Pickup

POL 844/447*

International Political Economy

Tu/Th 8:30-12:20**

AQ 2122

A. Hira

POL 851

Public Policy in Canada

M 9:30-13:20

HCC 2290

M. Howlett

POL 856/460*

Issues in Social and Economic Policy

Tu 13:30-17:20

HCC 1505

A. Perl

POL 893 G200 NATO Field School TBD TBD A. Moens



*Combined senior undergraduate/graduate course
** Intersession term runs May 7- June 25, 2018

HCC = Harbour Centre Downtown Campus

Note: Courses may be subject to change.

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