Past Theses & Projects

Recent PhD Defenses

Nancy Teeple: Arms Control on the Eve of Destruction? The Prospects for an Arctic Nuclear Weapons-Free Zone in an Age of Counterforce Dominance.
2017. Senior Supervisor: Doug Ross

Masha Zakharova: Valence demystified: nature, sources and consequences of individuals' valence judgements of political parties
2016. Senior Supervisor: Paul Warwick

Rina Kashyap: Security/Development in the Neoliberal Age: Responsibility to Protect (R2P) in the United Nation's Security/Development Dispositif
2016. Senior Supervisor: James Busumtwi-Sam

Ivan Jankovic: Men of Little Faith: the American Revolution as a Rebellion against the Modern State (1765-1850)
2016. Senior Supervisor: Laurent Dobuzinskis

Serdar Kaya: Islamophobia: A Comparative, Multilevel Analysis of Western Europe
2015.Senior Supervisor: Laurent Dobuzinskis

Sarah Giest: Resolving the paradox of location in a global economy: Cluster facilitation and network management in the biotechnology sector
2014. Senior Supervisor: Mike Howlett

Recent MA Defences

Alexandra Richards:  Millennials and the Military: The Emerging Civil-Military Gap
2018. Project. Senior Supervisor: Alex Moens

Robert Howsam: Using Publicity to Get Medicine: How Political Participation Can Alter World Trade Policy and Secure Medicines for the Global Poor
2018. Project. Senior Supervisor: David Laycock 

Jay Islam: Emissions Trading vs. Carbon Taxes: What Gets Us Closer to a Zero Emissions Future? Lessons from European Implementations. 
2017. Senior Supervisor: Anil Hira

Anju GillDiscerning Claim Making: Political Representation of Visible Minorities by Canadian Political Parties
2017. Project. Senior Supervisor: Eline de Rooij

Marcus MacauleyA Comparative Study of Authoritarianism, Perceived Threat of Terrorism, and Anti-Immigrant Attitudes
2017. Project. Senior Supervisor: Steve Wedon

Jennifer CooperStreams of Oil and Barrels of Conflict: An MSF Analysis of Canadian Energy Policy since the Failure of the National Energy Program
2017. Project. Senior Supervisor: Anil Hira

Eric Koch: Modeling Canadian Federal Electoral Reforms
2017. Project. Senior Supervisor: David Laycock

Dotan AmitThe Neoliberal Biopolitics of Climate Security: Resilience and the European Union’s Securitization of Climate Change
2016. Project. Senior Supervisor: James Busumtwi-Sam

Alex Beyer: Where Skeptics go to Party- EU-Positions of Factions in the European Parliament
2016. Project. Senior Supervisor: Steve Weldon

Brian Murata: The Currency Transactions Tax: Opportunities and Opposition in the Post-Crisis Environment
2016. Project. Senior Supervisor: Anil Hira 

Adam BakerGender Bias Camouflage: Unmasking Political Ideology Differences in Gender Stereotyping with Brain Electrical Responses
2016. Project. Senior Supervisor: Genevieve Fuji Johnson

Hailey Young: Building the Good Fire Department: Practical Preparedness and Agenda Setting for Biological Weapons Release
2015. Project. Senior Supervisor: Doug Ross

Jimmy Peterson: Obama’s Dualistic Grand Strategy in Asia: Cooperative Security and Primacy
2015. Thesis. Senior Supervisor: Alex Moens

Angela Jia: Money or Loyalty? The Effect of Inconsistent Information Shortcuts on Voting Defection
2015. Project. Senior Supervisor: Mark Pickup

Taylor JacksonThe Effect of Interest Groups on Poliheuristic Decision Making: The Case of the Keystone XL Pipeline
2015. Project. Senior Supervisor: Alex Moens