Co-op Information

Co-operative Education is an optional program that integrates degree-relevant, paid work experience with academic study. MA Political Science students who participate in Co-op will have the opportunity to apply newly developed skills in a practical context, while building a network of professional contacts.

The SFU Co-operative Education preparatory curriculum prepares students for learning in the workplace by providing students with the skills, knowledge and tools necessary for the transition between the classroom and the workplace. Students also learn valuable self-marketing skills, how to write effective resumes and cover letters, and develop enhanced interview skills. One-on-one support is available from Co-op staff and students gain access to exclusive Co-op postings.

MA Political Science students are encouraged to apply to the Arts Co-op Program in their 1st or 2nd semester of their degree.  Before applying to the Arts Co-op Program, MA Political Science students must meet with Eva Lewis, Co-op Coordinator, to discuss eligibility and program expectations.  Please make an appointment with Eva via email or phone at or 778 782 5751. 

To learn more about the co-op program, please visit our website at

IMPORTANT:  To be eligible for the Co-op program, you must maintain a minimum SFU CGPA of 3.00.