Course Information

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For a more general outline of course groupings, please see below.

The department offers approximately 12 courses per year from the following list. Most courses are offered in the autumn and spring semester, although one or two graduate course may be offered during the summer semester. Typically, summer is the time when graduate students focus on their research.

Students may also apply to take a reading course or graduate course in another department at SFU. Students can also apply to take a course at another institution via the Western Dean's Agreement

Compulsory Courses    

  • POL 800 Research Design in Political Science (Mandatory for all MA Students as of Fall 2017)
  • POL 801 Epistemological and Theoretical Perspectives in Political Science (Mandatory for all PhD Students as of Fall 2017)

One of

  • POL 802 Political Research: Design and Analysis
  • POL 803 Qualitative Research Methods in Political Science

Canadian Government and Politics         

  • POL 821  Canadian Government and Politics
  • POL 825  Canadian Political Economy
  • POL 826  Parties and Ideologies in Canada
  • POL 827  Issues in Canadian Government and Politics     

International Relations 

  • POL 840  Issues in International Relations, Foreign Policy, and Security 
  • POL 841  International Relations
  • POL 842  International Law and Organization
  • POL 843  Canadian Foreign Policy
  • POL 844  International Political Economy
  • POL 845  Foreign Policy Analysis
  • POL 846  International Security Studies 

Public Policy, Public Adminstration, Local Governance and Adminstration             

  • POL 851  Public Policy in Canada
  • POL 852  Urban Government and Politics
  • POL 853  Public Administration
  • POL 854  Foreign Policy Analysis
  • POL 855  Science, Technology and Public Policy
  • POL 856  Issues is Social and Economic Policy

Political Theory

  • POL 812  Political Theory
  • POL 814  Normative Political Theory
  • POL 816 Feminist Social and Political Thought

Comparative Government and Politics 

  • POL 830  Political Opinion, Electoral Behavior and Democratic Legitimacy Approaches 
  • POL 837  Issues in Comparative Government and Politics      
  • POL 838  Designing Democracy: Institutions and Power
  • POL 839  Comparative Democratization in a Global Age