Course Information

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For a more general outline of course groupings, please see below.

The department offers approximately 12 courses per year from the following list. 

Students may also apply to take a reading course or graduate course in another department at SFU. Students can also apply to take a course at another institution via the Western Dean's Agreement.

Compulsory Courses    

  • POL 800 Research Design in Political Science (Mandatory for all MA Students as of Fall 2017)
  • POL 801 Epistemological and Theoretical Perspectives in Political Science (Mandatory for all PhD Students as of Fall 2017)

One of

  • POL 802 Political Research: Design and Analysis
  • POL 803 Qualitative Research Methods in Political Science

Canadian Government and Politics         

  • POL 821  Canadian Government and Politics
  • POL 825  Canadian Political Economy
  • POL 826  Parties and Ideologies in Canada
  • POL 827  Issues in Canadian Government and Politics     

International Relations 

  • POL 840  Issues in International Relations, Foreign Policy, and Security 
  • POL 841  International Relations
  • POL 842  International Law and Organization
  • POL 843  Canadian Foreign Policy
  • POL 844  International Political Economy
  • POL 845  Foreign Policy Analysis
  • POL 846  International Security Studies 

Public Policy, Public Adminstration, Local Governance and Adminstration             

  • POL 851  Public Policy in Canada
  • POL 852  Urban Government and Politics
  • POL 853  Public Administration
  • POL 854  Foreign Policy Analysis
  • POL 855  Science, Technology and Public Policy
  • POL 856  Issues is Social and Economic Policy

Political Theory

  • POL 812  Political Theory
  • POL 814  Normative Political Theory
  • POL 816 Feminist Social and Political Thought

Comparative Government and Politics 

  • POL 830  Political Opinion, Electoral Behavior and Democratic Legitimacy Approaches 
  • POL 837  Issues in Comparative Government and Politics      
  • POL 838  Designing Democracy: Institutions and Power
  • POL 839  Comparative Democratization in a Global Age