Course Access Promise

The Department of Political Science is pleased to announce the launch of the Course Access Promise (CAP). In cooperation with SFU Registrar, Student Services, and the Vice President of Academic, Political Science is one of just three departments across SFU that will offer this exciting and unique opportunity to its students. CAP enables students to reserve spots in courses up to two full years in advance. It will help you get more of the courses you want. It will help you plan your degree and career path better. And, it will give you the flexibility to schedule your courses around your social and work life. It does this all while taking the unnecessary stress out of university enrolment priorities and course waitlists!

Please visit the Course Offerings page to view the CAP course schedule.  

Who can participate in CAP?

Anyone who is an intended or formally declared Political Science major can reserve spots in future CAP courses.

How do I indicate that I intend to major in Political Science?

Visit the student advisor, Courtney Apps in AQ 6076. She will get you on the list that gives you access to all the CAP courses. 

What courses can I sign up for? 

Political Science will offer approximately 50 courses per year as part of CAP spread across the fall, spring, and summer terms. The offerings will include lower and upper division courses in each of the five learning tracks.

How does the CAP reserve process work and how does it relate to registration? 

Students will be able to see the full list of courses offered as part of CAP for the upcoming two years (six terms). They will be able to reserve spots in courses up to the number of units necessary to fulfill their degree requirements. Up until a certain deadline for each term, students will be able to change the course that they reserve as they wish. After the deadline, the department will close the reservation requests, analyze those requests, and tentatively assign students to their courses. At some point before the start of registration, students will be given that tentative schedule and be asked to confirm it. Once confirmed, spots will be blocked off on the SIMS system for your courses and reserved. When your registration date arrives, you still need to register, but you’ll simply confirm the courses assigned to you with CAP.  

What if a course is full or oversubscribed? 

We will try to open up more spots, either through increasing the course size or introducing another section at the same time. If this is not possible, priority will be given first to declared majors and second to students who have more credit hours completed.

What if I reserve a spot in a course but do not fulfill the prerequisites before the term it is offered? 

As always, students are responsible for ensuring that they have satisfied any prerequisites for a course. If a student has not satisfied the course prerequisites, their reserved spot will be cancelled.

What is this you say about learning tracks? 

We have designed learning tracks that make it easier to develop focused skills and knowledge that will set you apart and prepare you for a range of exciting career paths. For descriptions and more information on the learning tracks, see the learning tracks page. We have comprised a schedule for CAP to allow students to easily follow a sequence of courses in a track. Also feel free to connect with faculty members from the different tracks to learn more.

Do I have to specialize in a learning track? Can I switch learning tracks?

Following a learning track can have many advantages – such as preparing for a range of careers – but they are 100% optional. Picking and choosing courses from different learning tracks is a great way to diversify your skills and knowledge.

What are the learning track cohort sequences? 

In each learning track, two “core” courses at the upper division level have been identified and scheduled at the same day & time in the fall and spring semesters. The two paired courses in each track provide the foundational knowledge for further study and career path development in the field. Students will be required to sign up for both courses in a given learning track and they will take these two courses together as a cohort. In year one, there will be no cohort sequence for the Public Policy & Democratic Governance track, but we hope to add it in the future.

What happens if I need to change my schedule? 

Students will be free to change their course requests up to a certain cut-off date for each term. If a student fails to enroll in a course that she or he reserved, a valid reason must be provided.

I am enrolled in the French Cohort Program (FCP). How does that help me? 

FCP students already have reserved spots in their FCP courses. As formally intended or declared majors, they will be able to reserve spots in the CAP courses, just like other majors. We cannot, however, ensure that there will not be a time conflict between your elective CAP courses and those that are required as part of the FCP.

For courses  with tutorials, can I also choose my tutorial time? 

Unfortunately, this is not possible at this time due to the software that SFU uses for registration in SIMS. Tutorial times will be listed as part of the CAP schedule and you are guaranteed a spot in one of the tutorials for a course. However, tutorial spots will be filled on a first come, first serve basis, just like with traditional registration.

Can we view the CAP schedules for the 2018-19 and 2019-20 academic years?

Yes, below are Excel sheets with the schedules for upper and lower division courses.

Upper Division Courses (2018-19)

Upper Division Courses (2019-20)

Lower Division Courses (2018-20)