What is political science?

Political science is concerned with how societies are organized and governed, with how competing ideas  are articulated and resolved, and how decisions in one part of the world affect others.  It provides a window to observe not just how societies are governed but how problems within them can be solved. 

What if I am intersted in more than one area of study?

If you are interested in combining your major with another department, check our Joint Degree options page.

Are there any scholarships available?

Yes - you can find more information on the Scholarships and Awards page.

How do I get into a class that is full?

Students should continue to try through go.sfu until the first week of classes.  If classes are still full, attend the first day of the class in the upcoming semester and speak to the instructor.

Pre-Requisite Clearances

You may need to have a permission from the instructor; this is especially true for Upper Division courses.  Email the approval to poladv@sfu.ca for clearance.

Course time conflicts

You will need the permission of the POL instructor who is teaching the course for which you would like to enroll in conflict with another course.

Repeats vs Special Topics

You can take a special topics course with a different subject and have it count for further credit, not as a repeat.  Please contact our Undergraduate secretary at polugrad@sfu.ca to have her send a non-duplicate memo to the Registrars (email should include your name, student ID, course number with semesters and different topics) to be sure that you get credit.