Course Access Promise

The Department of Political Science launched the Course Access Promise (CAP) program in Fall 2018. CAP enables students to reserve spots in courses up to one year in advance. In cooperation with SFU Registrar, Student Services, and the Vice President of Academic, Political Science is one of just three departments across SFU that offers this exciting and unique opportunity to its students.  

Who can participate in CAP?

Students who were intended or formally declared as Political Science majors before Summer 2018 (1184) are eligible for participation in CAP. 

What courses can I sign up for? 

Political Science will offer approximately 50 courses per year as part of CAP spread across the fall, spring, and summer terms. The offerings will include lower and upper division courses in each of the five learning tracks.  

How does the CAP reserve process work and how does it relate to registration? 

If you are participating in CAP, you should have already chosen your courses up to the Summer 2020 term. You will be able to change your course plan before the enrollment period begins for each term. Once you confirm your courses, the department will reserve spots for you in goSFU. When the registration period begins, you still need to self-register for your chosen courses.   

For courses with tutorials, can I also choose my tutorial time? 

Unfortunately, this is not possible at this time due to the scheduling software in goSFU. Tutorial times will NOT be listed as part of the CAP schedule and you are guaranteed a spot in one of the tutorials for a course. However, tutorial spots will be filled on a first come, first serve basis, as occurs with traditional registration.

What if a course is full or oversubscribed? 

We will try to open up more spots, either through increasing the course size or introducing another section at the same time. If this is not possible, priority will be given first to declared majors and second to students who have more credit hours completed.

What if I reserve a spot in a course but do not fulfill the prerequisites before the term it is offered? 

As always, you are responsible for ensuring that any course prerequisites are satisfied. If you have not satisfied the course prerequisites, your reserved spot will be cancelled. If you are unsure about a prerequisite or believe it should be waived, contact the Undergraduate Advisor.

What happens if I need to change my schedule? 

You are able to change your course plan up until the enrollment period begins for each term by contacting the Undergraduate Advisor.