Public Policy & Democratic Governance

The Public Policy and Democratic Governance track examines how governments respond to social, economic and political problems on the local, national and international levels. It focuses on the interplay among the public, civil society actors, politicians, the media, and democratic institutions in addressing these problems.

Recommended Courses

Lower Division Courses:
POL121, POL131, POL150
POL221, POL253

Upper Division (300):
POL313, POL321, POL322, 
POL350, POL351, POL354, POL381W

Upper Division (400):
POL411, POL415, POL423, 
POL426QW, POL436, POL451
POL452W, POL454, POL455
POL456, POL457W, POL463

Potential Careers

  • Politics
  • Federal/Provicinal/Municipal Government
  • NGOs
  • Working in Advocacy
  • Policy Analysis
  • Lobbying
  • Urban Policy Planning


Faculty Responsible