Members of the Postdoctoral Association

All Postdoctoral Fellows at SFU are considered members of the Postdoctoral Association. As a collective of talented scholars and educators at the start of a promising career, our members make a valuable contribution to the academic community at SFU. Postdoctoral Fellows at SFU are highly skilled research specialist. They contribute to core academic activities including administrative service, lab/project management, grant writing, teaching and mentorship, and outreach.

As a group, Postdoctoral Fellows at SFU exemplify all that SFU has to offer and seeks to achieve. As an individual, each Postdoctoral Fellow at SFU has a unique story to tell about the purpose that drives them. An overview of accomplishments does not do full justice to these individual stories, so in this section of our website we would like to introduce our members to you. Or rather, offer our members a platform to do so themselves.