Candidates for 2018-2019 Executive Council

Next elections will take place at an upcoming coffee social:

July 12 @ 10:00-11:00 am
Location: 9000 Atrium between Shrum B & C




Dr. Simone Brugiapaglia

The post-doc years are a crucial part of our lives. We have the opportunity to strengthen our research skills and shape our own career path. Publishing cutting-edge research, teaching, supervising students, and organizing events, interacting with the private sector, we are the backbone of our university.  

During the last months as a Vice-President of Policy of the current PDA Executive Council, I was able to see how important is the action of the PDA in order to improve our post-doc experience at SFU. As a president, I will guarantee continuity between the agendas of the current and future PDA Executive Councils, with particular attention to the following issues:  

(1) Strengthening the SFU post-doc community by organizing social events on a regular basis throughout the year as currently done (coffee socials, pub socials, joint events with UBC, orientation for newcomers);

(2) Continuing advocating for the recognition of post-doctoral fellows as employees at SFU as already done by the current and past PDA Executive Councils;

(3) Starting a serious conversation about post-docs’ mental health and well-being, in order to bring related resources currently lacking to our campus;

(4) Continuing offering high-quality research and professional development initiatives (Research Day 2019, seminars, clinics).

I am committed to bringing my energy and enthusiasm to serve the SFU post-doc community at my best.


VP External Communications

Dr. Jean-François Bruxelle

Postdoctoral fellows of SFU are directly responsible for the excellence and fame of the university; it would be an honor to represent you nationally and internationally. I will be pleased to actively share informations to all postdoctoral fellows and highlight the association and its members on the media. I would pay particular attention to develop collaborations with our homologs in different universities to promote social and professional networking.


VP Internal Communications

Dr. Ludvig af Klinteberg

I am a really experienced user of e-mail (Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook -- you name it!), and I like organizing social events, so I think I could do a good job of it.


VP Operations and Finance

Dr. Adrian Lai

I have been a regular participant at SFU PDA events and appreciated the work they do. Thus, I would like to give back to the community and help new and existing post-docs settle in and foster a dynamic post-doc community at SFU.

I have previous experience planning and executing events and activities with other association during my undergraduate and post-graduate studies in Australia. Translating this experience towards fostering bigger and better events for the SFU PDA will be challenging but will also be fun and rewarding.

I also have experience budgeting and applying for grants which will help maximise the current funds as well as bring in more funds to host more events and activities.


VP Policy Candidate

Dr. Cristina Serverius

I would love to be VP Policy and advocate for postdocs at SFU. My administrative background (I am currently a Department Manager as well as a postdoc) already makes me familiar with a great deal of SFU policies and procedures. The variety of roles I have had at SFU in the past four years (from student, TA, RA, and secretary, to postdoc and department manager) have contributed to a flexibility that will stand me in good stead when it comes to complex negotiations to further advance the postdoc experience at SFU. In addition, I love a good literature review and will keep tabs on national and international developments relevant to SFU postdocs. Finally, I like a beer or two and a laugh in good company, and I believe our postdoc community is significantly strengthened when we come together informally to share our experiences. Should I get elected, I look forward to contributing to the postdoc experience through policy work as well as through being an active part of the community.