Simon Fraser University Postdoctoral Association Election Procedures

  • 28-June-2018 Nomination deadline
  • 5-July-2018 Candidate uploaded to website
  • 10-July-2018 Deadline to request E-vote ballot (voting by email must be submitted 30 min prior to election time)
  • 12-July-2018 Elections @ coffee social
  • Simon Fraser University (SFU) Postdoctoral Research Fellows (PDFs) are invited to nominate themselves or fellow PDFs for one of the elected positions on the PDA Executive Council.
  • Nominations shall include name, contact details, intended position, brief pitch about why the nominated individual deserves a vote (max 100 words), and pic (optional). Nomination need to be submitted to the SFU Postdoctoral Association at by 28-June-2018.
  • Nominations will be reviewed by the current PDA Executive Council to confirm the nominee is currently a SFU PDF. All confirmed nominations, now considered candidates, will be made available to the PDA member body for review prior to the elections held on 5-July-2018.
  • Time and location for the election meeting will be announced at least one week before the election via social media, the PDA website and by email (to the post-doc-cafĂ© mailing list).
  • E-voting (voting by e-mail) will also be permitted and the procedure outlined in this announcement will apply. Any PDF intending to vote in this manner will need to request a ballot at least 48 hours before the election session by e-mailing The deadline for returning e-voting ballots will be 30 minutes before the election meeting is scheduled to commence.
  • During the election meeting, each candidate will be given the opportunity to briefly address the assembled PDFs (5 minutes max). Those PDFs present will have the opportunity to ask the candidates questions.
  • Votes will be counted by a minimum of 3 PDFs not nominated for one of the positions. They form the Voting Committee. In case of a margin of 2 or fewer votes between the elected candidate and the next closest candidate(s), votes will be recounted in the presence of the candidates concerned. In case of any appeals or irregularities, the Voting Committee will render a final judgement.
  • All current SFU PDFs are entitled to one vote per position. Votes are considered valid if one candidate is unambiguously marked per position on the ballot. For each position, the candidate with the greatest number of valid votes will be elected to the position.
  • In case four or fewer candidates are on the ballot, voting will not be by position, with the exception of the President position. All candidates receiving an affirmative vote in a majority of unambiguously marked, non-blank votes will be considered elected to the SFU PDA Executive Council. The elected members will decide among themselves who will take up which position and if need be how they will reallocate portfolios.
  • If there are more than four candidates yet one or more of the positions remains empty after all votes have been counted, there will be a second round of votes among all non-elected candidates for the remaining position(s). Nominees may withdraw prior to this second round of voting. This second voting round will not be by position; rather each PDF will vote for one and only one of the remaining candidates. The candidate with the greatest number of unambiguously marked, non-blank votes in this second round is considered elected, followed by the candidate with the next greatest number of unambiguously marked, non-blank votes until a number of PDFs equal to the number of positions has been elected to the Executive Council. The elected members will decide among themselves which position each of the candidates elected in the second round will take up, with the exception of position of President, which must be directly voted upon.
  • Once elected PDFs are expected to serve in the intended capacity until the next PDA election (usually 1 year) or termination of their status as SFU PDF, whichever occurs first.
  • In case of any events not covered by these procedures, a binding decision will be made by the Voting Committee on any matters involving counting votes and determining the election result respectively the current PDA Executive Council for any other matters regarding the elections.