Candidates Executive Council 2016-2017

Dr. Manuel Lasalle - Candidate for President

I have been particularly delighted to be welcomed by the people of the PDA when I arrived here at SFU, and I feel that it is now my turn to welcome new postdocs! This is why I am now willing to be part of this, and to run for president of the PDA. Because I feel PDFs should know each other, and because we’d like to know who you are. Because I feel PDFs should share their experience with people beyond their fields border. Because I feel PDFs should gather as a real entity in the SFU staff, to be more visible and better considered.

But overall, because I feel PDFs should show the world that you can try to change it, and still appreciate a good refreshing glass of hoppy beer under a friendly warming sun, looking at the shimmering waves of a resting tide, while… [inner voice : “Wait!! Stop! Half of the audience is already asleep! What have you done!!! Time to wake them up!”]

To put it in a nutshell, long live the coffee social, long live SFU, and long live the PDA!!

Manuel “Manny” Lasalle.

Dr. Peter Clark - Candidate for Vice-President – External Communications

I am a regular participant at all events organised by the PDA, and I greatly appreciate the work that is done by the PDA to make PDFs feel like they belong. In running for an executive position, I intend to pursue courses of action to expand the PDF network at SFU, towards the establishment of a complete postdoctoral community for new and future PDFs to be a part of.

Dr. Lianne Willems - Candidate for Vice-President – Operations and Finance

I would like to nominate myself for the position of Vice-President Operations and Finance.

Since joining SFU I have actively participated in a number of events organized by the PDA. I think they are doing a great job at highlighting the important work done by postdocs at SFU, and bringing together an interdisciplinary group of people. I believe I would do a great job as VP Operations and Finance. As a member of the Executive Council of a brass band, I was responsible for organizing and planning events and performances. I think I can use this experience to make a useful contribution to the many great initiatives organized by the PDA.

Thank you,
Lianne Willems

Dr. Eva Kwoll - Candidate for Vice-President – Internal Communications

Hello there! Please consider voting for me as the new VP Internal Communications of the 2016/2017 PDA Exec Council. A Coastal Geomorphologist by training, I am currently affiliated with SFU’s Department of Geography on Burnaby Campus. My research focuses on turbulence and river flow in the beautiful landscape of the Fraser Canyon. – Yes, I get to raft for research... As VP Internal Communications I would like to advocate your interests to the SFU administration, and on a regional and national level. Although our current situation is so transient in nature, I would like to help built an active, connected postdoc community through organization of scientific events (like the postdoc research day) and social outings.

Thanks, see you next week!