SFU PDA Executive Council 2016-2017 Positions and Job Descriptions


  • Provide direction to the Executive Council and oversee all operations of the PDA
  • Preside over all PDA meetings
  • Represent the PDA at various university meetings and act as a representative of PDA as needed
  • Work closely with the Department of Graduate Studies (DGS) to coordinate PDA activities, budgets etc.
  • Requires involvement in all aspects of PDA operations (includes setting strategic agenda such as long and short term goals)

Vice-President – External Communications

  • Act as our public relations officer
  • Maintain our website (with contributions from other PDA members)
  • Manage the PDA mailing list (post-doc-café)
  • Contribute to communication of news/information/events via our Facebook and Twitter accounts, maintain LinkedIn profile
  • Oversee incoming/outgoing messages from our e-mail account (sfu.postdoc@gmail.com)
  • Maintain representation and active participation at the Canadian Association of Postdoctoral Scholars (CAPS, http://www.caps-acsp.ca).
  • Attend monthly Skype meetings and attend CAPS annual conference (as determined by PDA Executive Council)
  • Liaise with the US National Postdoctoral Association (NPA), off-campus groups, government agencies including granting agencies and the public at large

Vice-President – Operations and Finance

  • Be responsible for all financial activities of the PDA including liasing with the SFU DGS and Vice-President, Research to arrange financial support (as agreed by the Executive Council)
  • Prepare a recommended budget
  • Write grants (with assistance) for funding (as determined by the Executive Council)
  • Co-ordinate committees for planning events and activities with input from Executive Council
  • Ensure proper planning and execution of events and activities with help from executive and active members (such as Research Day, PDF Welcome and Orientation Day, Brown Bags Seminar Series,  Job Talk Series)

Vice-President – Internal Communications

  • Organize and facilitate our Executive meetings and participate in organizing events
  • Prepare and circulate meeting agendas; attend meetings to record and circulate meeting minutes
  • Help create and maintain our Constitution and Bylaws
  • Work closely with the Vice-President - External Communications to disseminate information
  • Organize monthly social events on and off campus for postdocs