Candidates Executive Council 2017-2018

Viridiana Perez - candidate for the position of President

Hi Postdocs, 

I am Viridiana Perez, I have been in SFU for a year, I am a chemist by training but I am truly a multidisciplinary scientist. I am affiliated to the Department of Chemistry but you can always find me at 4D LABS. 

When I first came here, I had no idea what to do or how to “be a postdoc”. All I knew before I got here was how to be a student. Surprise, we are not students anymore! Perhaps you felt the same way, perhaps you felt like you needed help to get around campus or help with any other question you might have when you are new to a place. Perhaps you just needed to attend a social, to unwind and enjoy good company.

The PDA members have helped me lots during my time here. Through the PDA I have found people that, like me, decided to follow their passion. That’s right, we share a passion! But, we also share concerns and uncertainties.  Sharing my ideas with others and meeting other postdocs whom have found their places in academia and industry, is helping me shape my own pathway.

Please consider to vote for me to become the president of the PDA, so I can help you as others have helped me. I would like to create a community, a network of very talented and valuable postdocs. As we, together, stablish our presence across the SFU campuses, we will bring a new perspective about our role in SFU. You are a key link in the community and the world needs to know that! 

Looking forward to meet you at the coffee social!



Jessica Walsh - candidate for the position of VP External Communications 

I am a conservation ecologist, currently working in the Biology Department, SFU, on salmon conservation, management and policy. In the past I have worked at improving the effectiveness of conservation in Australia, UK, South Africa and New Zealand. 

Many SFU post-docs are international, often moving to Canada to start their new positions. Having moved to Canada 2 years ago, I understand the importance of  welcoming new comers to SFU and developing a strong post-doc community across the campuses. I want to stengthen ties within the SFU post-doc community by organising frequent social events and professional development training, while celebrating our diversity and interdisciplinarity. 

As Vice-President of External Communications, I will also provide a voice from SFU at the national level, through the Canadian Association of Postdoctoral Scholars. I will focus on important issues that affect SFU post-docs, such as sourcing PDF travel grants, ensuring transparent and fair work expectations (e.g. work hours, vacaction time and parental leave), and facilitating discussions about mental health in academia. 



Johannes Lehmann - candidate for the position of VP Operations and Finance

I would like to run for the position of "Operations and Finances" in the upcoming PDA elections. I like to get involved in PDA affairs as I value the efforts of the committee members towards the role of post-docs at the university. Also, as a member of the chemistry department at SFU I would like to represent the largest group of PDFs including their concerns and values.



Roger Ashmus - candidate for the position of VP Internal Communications

I would like to nominate myself for the position of Vice-President Internal Communications in order to continue the Post-Doctoral Association (PDA) involvement in the SFU community. I have been a post-doctoral fellow (PDF) in the Chemistry Department at SFU for just over a year now. Since joining the university, I have been working in the area of organic chemistry crossed with chemical biology for the development of chemical tools to monitor and regulate enzyme activity for therapeutic benefit. Over the past few months, I have slowly increased my involvement with the SFU PDA by participating in the organized events and monitoring the process of organizing the Brown Bag Seminars. As VP-Internal Communications, I will continue to organize these informative seminars, express your concerns/interests to the SFU administration, and convey important information and support to all PDFs. In addition, I will work with other PDA executive members to organize social events to build a more active PDF community.



Emma Hodgson - Candidate for the position of VP Policy

I am brand new to SFU, working as a postdoc in fisheries ecology in the Biology Department. I just moved back to Vancouver after fishing my PhD at the University of Washington, where I was actively involved in curriculum committees, organizing student events/workshops and generally working to improving student access to resources. In my second week here I was fortunate to have a conversation with the current executive committee about some of the changes they have been pushing for regarding improving the postdoc experience at SFU. I am excited by the possibility of working with others on the executive committee to help make changes to postdoc policy -- increasing recognition of the valuable work postdocs do and working to ensure policies here are similar to those elsewhere in the province and country. And being new means I will likely be here for a couple years and can see things through!