Abstract submission information

Deadline: March 10, 2017

One of the main goals of Postdoctoral Research Day 2017 is for SFU's postdoctoral fellows to showcase their exciting and innovating research, creative works and inventions. We invite all of you to submit an abstract to share your work with others, promote collaborations, and foster a sense of community. 

This year we have 3 different opportunities for presentations: besides the more traditional short talks (spotlight sessions) and exhibits (exploration session), we also invite you to take part in our 3 minute-pitches session. This session gives you an original and exciting opportunity to explain a topic of your choice to the audience - within only a few minutes! Of course you are welcome to submit an abstract for different sessions. More information can be found below. 

Individual spotlight sessions

Each speaker will have 10 minutes to present their work, followed by a 2-3 minute question period. For these talks you can use a powerpoint presentation. The individual spotlight sessions will be judged by a faculty panel and the best two will receive an award.

Exploration session

Presenters showcase their work through an exhibit, display, poster or other medium of communication suited to a set-up in which people walk around and interact. Again these presentations will be judged by a faculty panel and the best two will receive an award.

For both of these sessions, the key is to describe what you do and its importance in lay language, in a manner that is accessible to a diverse audience. Make sure to motivate your work and emphasize it's impact, whether it is driven by curiosity, focused on community engagement or anything in between.

3 minute-pitches session

The goal of these 3 minute speeches is to explain one piece of information the general audience did not know about before, like a theorem, a cellular pathway, a historical fact, the medicinal property of a tree, a specific social behavior, and so on. You can see it as a mini-lecture about a topic that is related to your research but does not have to be something you work on directly. No slides! Just you, your voice and one prop (optional). For those of you who know what FameLab is, that’s where the idea comes from. The presentations will be judged by a faculty panel on 3 criteria: relevance of the topic, how efficient you were at explaining it, and how inspiring the talk was. The best two will receive an award.

Abstract Guidelines

To inform us of your interest in contributing, we ask you to submit a brief abstract detailing the overall aims and impact/innovation of your research; or the topic and importance of your 3 minute-pitch. The organizing committee will select a number of postdoctoral fellows from among these submissions for the various presentations.

When preparing your abstract, please mind the following instructions:

  • Submissions should occur via the online submission portal
  • Submission language is English
  • Describe your work in lay language. It should be understandable to academically educated individuals from any discipline.
  • Maximum length (excl. title, authors and references): 250 words
  • You are expected to register and be available to present your work on Research Day
  • All abstracts must be submitted by the deadline of March 10, 2017 at 11:59 pm Pacific time.