Research Award a Success!

The SFU PDA held its first Research Award Competition on April 22, 2020. We are happy to report the event was a success, and the following participants were awarded a research prize of $1000:

  • Lizzie Dingle, Faculty of Environment, Department of Geography, 
  • Jeanine Engelbrecht, Faculty of Applied Sciences, School of Engineering Science, Synthetic Aperture Radar Lab (SARlab)
  • Claudia Umana Diaz, Faculty of Science, Departement of Biological Sciences
  • Tyler Cuthbert, Faculty of Applied Sciences, School of Engineering Science
  • Özge Nilay Yalçın, Faculty of Communication, Art and Technology, School of Interactive Arts and Technology
A link to the abstracts of the event participants can be found here.
Details of the event are included below.

Research Award competition: A Postdoc in 3 minutes

            SFU-PDA is pleased to announce a new initiative to support post-doctoral researchers. We are excited to introduce the 1st Research Award competition. As many of you may know, our Research day was canceled this year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this, however, will not stop us from supporting and cheering on the exciting research conducted by the SFU post-doctoral researchers. Therefore, we will be holding a virtual research competition. The presenters will compete for a research award (5 awards worth $1000). We hope that this virtual research competition provides an opportunity for postdoctoral researchers to showcase their work, promote collaborations, and foster a sense of community!

We invite everyone (even if you are not competing/presenting) to watch the talks online and join our growing community. Come and learn about how SFU Postdocs are changing the world in a virtual setting!


3-minute Research Presentation (Only 1 slide allowed)

5 awards worth $1000 (can be used toward travel, software, research equipments (ex. laptops)

Where and When?

Method: Zoom

Date: April 22, 2020

Time: 10:00 - 12:30 am

Registration deadline: April 15, 2020


Presenters should describe their research project and its impact on the field in a 3 minutes speech. Candidates are encouraged to link the project to their career and research goals in a manner accessible to a diverse audience. The goal of these sessions is for you to emphasize the impact of your work in your field and in the wider community. Candidates will be evaluated by faculty members on presentation skills and research agendas. Candidates will have to register by April 15th and submit their abstract (250 word max).


Please register here:

All postdocs, research associates, graduate students, faculty and interested members of the community are welcome to learn more about the outstanding work of the Postdoctoral community at SFU.

The 1st Annual Research Award competition is made possible with the support of:

         Office of the Vice-President of Research

         Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies