Candidates for the 2022-2023 term

Candidate for PDA President

Dr. Eric Jones

One of the first, and best, decisions I made when I moved to Vancouver last year was to serve as VP Finance on the SFU PDA Executive Council 2021-22. Last year I learned what the postdoc community has to offer. This year, as president, I will work to protect and promote postdoc interests at SFU. The PDA will continue to organize social events, spotlight postdoc research excellence, and listen to the postdoc community. Along with an experienced PDA executive, I look forward to being your representative. 

Candidates for Vice President positions

VP - Policy

Dr. Diana Hunter

I am passionate about improving the conditions for Postdocs at SFU. Prior to my maternity leave, I was on the PDA executive and I hope to once again join in with their important efforts. I am especially passionate about policy as I have encountered a number of interesting circumstances with both maternity leave and external awards that I believe could be addressed to help future Postdocs. 

VP - External

Dr. Padmapriya (Priya) Muralidharan

Priya is a postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Biomedical Physiology and Kinesiology. She is an electrophysiologist studying ion channel biophysics using induced pluripotent stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes with Prof. Thomas Claydon. She pursued her Ph.D. at the University of Western Australia and moved to Memphis, USA, for her first postdoc. She then moved to Canada for her second postdoc in November 2019. Having lived in different countries, she can appreciate the challenges of international postdoctoral-association. She joined the SFU-Postdoctoral association to meet, help and represent fellow postdoctoral-association at the Canadian Association of Postdoctoral Scholars. As VP External Communications, she enjoys the opportunity of connecting with PDFs across Canada and sharing helpful information with the PDA,  informing peers about PDF events outside SFU on social media platforms and poster designing for various events.

VP - Social

Dr. Michael (Mike) Kelly

I'm relatively new to Canada and SFU. From a personal stand-point, I'd like this opportunity in order to meet more like-minded folks and be involved in something that matters. I also feel there is a strange lack of support for postdoctoral-association here at SFU - we're the forgotten group. I'd like to play a role in improving the environment for my fellow postdoctoral-association. Furthermore, I love getting out and having a good time and would like the opportunity to get other postdoctoral-association out and meeting people as I know it can be tough, particularly for international arrivals.

VP - Operations and Finance

Dr. Vera-Ellen Lucci

I work in the Department of Biomedical Physiology and Kinesiology where I study the mechanisms of fainting disorders. I currently hold the position of VP Policy and have worked hard to increased university efforts to improve postdoc conditions. Having completed my graduate studies at SFU while being heavily involved in my graduate caucus, I have an intimate knowledge of the offices and programs within the university that are pertinent and relevant to postdoctoral-association. I have a diverse experiences in engaging with academic life with work ranging from hiring committees, interdepartmental review processes, chairing departmental graduate caucuses, to chairing and organizing departmental research days, just to name a few. The skills acquired through these experiences, along with my keen interest in creating supportive, inclusive environments, is why I believe I will be a good fit for VP Operations and Finance.