Congratulations to UBC's new President, Dr. Arvind Gupta

March 14, 2014

Andrew Petter
President and Vice-Chancellor
Simon Fraser University

Warm congratulations to Dr. Arvind Gupta on his appointment as the next President and Vice-Chancellor of the University of British Columbia.

SFU has had a long-standing association with Dr. Gupta dating from his days as a faculty member in our School of Computing Science and pioneering leader of Mitacs. Dr. Gupta has since developed Mitacs into an internationally acclaimed organization supporting the next generation of innovators through university/industry collaboration, and is well-positioned to lead UBC into the future.

I welcome Dr. Gupta’s appointment as President, and look forward to working with him to further develop this province’s post-secondary education and research capacities -- capacities that are so essential to the future success and well-being of British Columbia and its people.