Vice-President Academic & Provost Search Committee Membership

Membership of the Search Committee

Role Name Position
Chair Joy Johnson Vice-president, Research & International
Vice-president Joanne Curry Vice-president, External Relations
Deans (3) Gwen Bird
Dean, Libraries
Naomi Krogman Dean, Faculty of Environment
Paul Kench Dean, Faculty of Science
Faculty members (8) Majid Bahrami Faculty of Applied Sciences
Peter Hall Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences
Brenda Lautsch Beedie School of Business
Chris Shaw Faculty of Communication, Art & Technology
Wanda Cassidy Faculty of Education
Tracy Brennand Faculty of Environment
Mark Lechner Faculty of Health Sciences
Mary-Catherine Kropinski Faculty of Science
Faculty association Kumari Beck SFUFA vice-president
Student society Matt McDonald GSS Director of External Relations
Staff (2) Leslie Techy Executive secretary
CJ Rowe Director, Sexual Violence Support & Prevention Office
Additional members (3)
(1 member selected from a student society to
ensure representation from both SFSS & GSS)
Shina Kaur SFSS vice-president, University Relations
Marcia Guno Director, Indigenous Student Centre
Deanna Reder Chair, Department of First Nations Studies