Gordon Rose

Senior Lecturer

Areas of interest

History, Quantitative & Theoretical (primary), Law and Forensic

Select Publications

Brockman, J., & Rose, V. G. (2011). An introduction to Canadian criminal procedure and evidence (4th ed.). Toronto, ON: Nelson Canada.

Ogloff, J. R. P., & Rose, V. G. (2005). The comprehension of judicial instructions. In N. Brewer & K. D. Williams (Eds.), Psychology and law: An empirical perspective. New York: Guilford Publications, 407-444.

Rose, V. G., & Ogloff, J. R. P. (2002). Challenge for cause in Canadian jury trials: Legal and psychological perspectives. Criminal Law Quarterly, 46, 210-245.

Rose, V. G. (2001). Introduction to Canadian law and the legal system. In R. Schuller, & J. R. P. Ogloff (Eds.), An introduction to law and
psychology: Canadian perspectives. Toronto, ON: University of Toronto Press, 29-56.

Rose, V. G. (1982). Parties to an offence. Toronto, ON: Carswell. 


Future courses may be subject to change.