John McDonald

Canada Research Chair (Cognitive Neuroscience)

Research Interests

Human electrophysiology, attention, multisensory perception, executive function, error processing. 

Selected Publications

Christie, G. J., Livingstone, A. C., & McDonald, J. J. (2015). Searching for inefficiency in visual search. Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, 27, 46-56.

Green, J. J., Doesburg, S., Ward, L.M., & McDonald, J. J. (2011). Electrical neuroimaging of voluntary audio-spatial attention: Evidence for a supramodal attention control network. Journal of Neuroscience,  31, 3560-3564.

Gaspar, J. M. & McDonald, J. J. (2014). Suppression of salient objects prevents distraction in visual search. Journal of Neuroscience, 34, 5658-5666.

McDonald, J. J., Störmer, V. S., Martinez, A., Feng, W., & Hillyard, S. A. (2013). Salient sounds activate visual cortex automatically.  Journal of Neuroscience, 33, 9194-9201.

McDonald, J. J., Green, J. J., Jannati, A. & Di Lollo. (2013). On the electrophysiological evidence for the capture of visual attention. J. Exper. Psychol. Hum. Percept. Perform., 39, 849-860.