Jodi Viljoen

Area Coordinator Law and Forensic

Research Interests

Violence and offending (particularly during adolescence), risk assessment, risk management, treatment, protective factors

Selected Publications

Viljoen, J. L., Jonnson, M. R., Cochrane, D. M., Vargen, L., & Vincent, G. M. (2019). Impact of risk assessment instruments on rates of pretrial detention, post-conviction placements, and release: A systematic review and meta-analysis. Law and Human Behavior, 43, 397-420.

Viljoen, J. L., Cochrane, D. M., Shaffer, C. S., Muir, N. M, Brodersen, E., Rogers, B. J., Douglas, K. S., Roesch, R., McMahon, R. J., & Vincent, G. M. (2019). Bridging risk assessments to case plans: Development and evaluation of the ARROW intervention-planning tool for adolescents on probation. Criminal Justice and Behavior. Advance online publication.

Viljoen, J. L., Shaffer, C. S., Muir, N. M., Cochrane, D. M., & Brodersen, E. M. (2019). Improving case plans and interventions for adolescents on probation: The implementation of the SAVRY and a structured case planning form. Criminal Justice and Behavior, 46, 42-62.

Viljoen, J. L., Bhanwer, A. K., Shaffer, C. S., & Douglas, K. S. (2018). Assessing protective factors for adolescent offending:  A conceptually-informed examination of the SAVRY and YLS/CMI. Assessment. Advance online publication.

Viljoen, J. L., Cochrane, D. M., & Jonnson, M. R. (2018). Do risk assessment tools help manage and reduce risk of violence and reoffending? A systematic review. Law and Human Behavior42, 181–214.

Viljoen, J. L., Shaffer, C., Gray, A. L., & Douglas, K. S. (2017). Are adolescent risk assessment tools sensitive to change?  A framework and examination of the SAVRY and the YLS/CMI. Law and Human Behavior, 41, 244-257.


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