Ronald Roesch

Director - Mental Health, Law and Policy Institute

  • Area of Study: Law and Forensic (primary), Clinical Science
  • Email:
  • Tel: 604-731-3536
  • Office: RCB 7206

Research Interests

Law and psychology, including forensic assessment, competency to stand trial, jail mental health, juvenile justice. 

Selected Publications

Roesch, R., & Goossens, I. (2020). Improving police procedures for dealing with individuals with mental illness. In P. Marques & M. Paulino (Eds.), Police psychology: New trends in forensic psychological science. New York: Elsevier Academic Press.

Roesch, R., Kayfitz, J. H., Watt, M. C., Cooper, B. S., Guy, L. S., Hill, D., Haag, A. M., Pomichalek, M., & Kolton, J. C. (2019). Fitness to stand trial and criminal responsibility assessments: Advocating for changes to the Canadian Criminal Code. Canadian Psychology, 60, 148-154.

Roesch, R. (2018). Forensic mental health services and competence to stand trial. In T. Grisso & S. Brodsky (Eds.), The roots of modern psychology and law: A narrative history (pp. 127-142). New York: Oxford University Press.

Roesch, R., & Cook, A. N.  (Eds.). (2017). Handbook of forensic mental health services. New York: Routledge.

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Cook, A. N., & Roesch, R. (2012). "Tough on crime" reforms: What psychology has to say about the recent and proposed justice policy in Canada. Canadian Psychology, 53, 217–225.

Zapf, P. A., & Roesch, R. (2009). Best practices in forensic mental health assessments: Evaluation of competence to stand trial. NY: Oxford University Press.


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