Clinical Science

Area Faculty


Molly Cairncross
Alexander Chapman
Rebecca Cobb
David Cox
Kevin Douglas
Stephen Hart
Grace Iarocci
Robert Ley 
Megan McLarnon
Robert McMahon
Marlene Moretti
Allen Thornton
Wendy Thornton
Jodi Viljoen
Shannon Zaitsoff  

Associate Faculty

Rachel Fouladi
Urs Ribary




Clinical science is an area of research emphasis in our department. Clinical science research focuses on the understanding, treatment, and prevention of mental health problems as well as the understanding and promotion of improved health and mental health. Persons affiliated with this area tackle clinically-related issues from developmental, social, cognitive, philosophical/theoretical, legal and forensic, and biological perspectives. The types of research range from descriptive and epidemiological studies of clinical, forensic, and health phenomena, to translational research, treatment and prevention research, and mental health service delivery, among other domains.

Membership/Affiliation in Clinical Science

Clinical Science is not a stand-alone program to which students apply for graduate school, but rather, an area of research interest or emphasis to which all students in the clinical psychology graduate program belong. Students who wish to be involved in the clinical science area must apply to and be accepted into the clinical psychology graduate program. Faculty members affiliated with this area may include those with training in clinical or other areas of psychology, who do clinical science research.

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