Developmental Psychology

Area Faculty

Tanya Broesch
Jeremy Carpendale
Michelle Kline


Associate Faculty

Mark Blair
Grace Iarocci
Robert Ley
Jack Martin
Urs Ribary
Kathleen Slaney



Note: Students interested in applying to the developmental area may indicate as potential supervisor(s) faculty members from either the area faculty or associate faculty listed above.

Developmental psychology is more than the study of how abilities and ways of experiencing the world change across the lifespan. It also addresses fundamental issues such as the origins of mind, self, thinking, morality and language - abilities that are often argued to be uniquely human. For this reason and others, developmental research draws from and contributes to a variety of other disciplines, such as philosophy, primatology, anthropology, linguistics, sociology, criminology and education.

Faculty members and student researchers in the Developmental Psychology area study a broad range of issues in infancy, childhood, adolescence and adulthood from both a basic and applied-clinical perspective. Current topics of particular interest include parent-child relationships, social-cognitive and social-emotional development, communicative development, moral development, cognitive development and developmental psychopathology.

Developmental researchers in our department use a variety of research methods, including longitudinal, experimental and naturalistic approaches in both laboratory and field settings. Research resources include video-equipped laboratories and potential access to clinical populations through established liaison with pediatric hospitals and clinical centres in the area.

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