Graduate Studies

The Psychology Department offers two graduate programs leading to MA and PhD degrees.

1. The Psychology Graduate Program offers specializations in one of the following six Research Areas:

2. The Clinical Psychology Graduate Program offers training under one of the following 4 options:

  • Clinical-General
  • Clinical-Child
  • Clinical-Neuropsychology
  • Clinical-Forensic

Our graduate programs are oriented toward a PhD degree. Those seeking only a master's degree are discouraged from applying. Students with Bachelor degrees must submit their applications to the MA program.

Typically students admitted to our graduate programs have a Psychology Honours degree or a Psychology Major with strong research experience.

All application materials must be submitted online. We require one copy of all official transcripts and GRE scores to be mailed to the department for those offered admission. Please refer to Application Information for further details.

UPDATE: GRE General AND Subject Test is waived from admission requirements for Fall 2021 admission cycle. Please do not include your GRE in any application material.

For inquiries about the psychology graduate program, please contact the Psychology Graduate Program Assistant at