Clinical Faculty

Clinical Psychology Program

Director of Clinical Training  

Dr. Grace Iarocci
(604) 812-4248


Faculty Professional Activities

In the past five years, all clinical faculty have been members of professional societies, authors or co-authors of presentations at professional meetings, authors/co-authors of articles in professional journals, and engaged in professional services. Nearly all are recipients of research grants or contracts.

Theoretical Orientations and Professional Interests in Clinical Psychology


Faculty Member Clinical Theoretical Orientation Professional Clinical Interests
Dr. Alex Chapman cognitive-behavioural borderline personality disorder, emotion regulation problems, self-injury, dialectical behaviour therapy
Dr. Rebecca Cobb cognitive-behavioural, interpersonal couples' relationships
Dr. David Cox
cognitive-behavioural health and peak human performance
Dr. Kevin Douglas cognitive-behavioural clinical-forensic: forensic/risk assessment and management, psychopathy
Dr. Stephen Hart CBT Psychology and law, psychopathy, mentally disordered offenders, violence risk, wife assault, psychological assessment, personality disorder.  
Dr. Grace Iarocci family systems, cognitive-behavioural child /family therapy including multiple family and group therapy approaches
Dr. Robert Ley psychodynamic assessment/treatment of adults, adolescents, and children; special interest in trauma; forensic psychology, (criminal and civil)
Dr. Megan McLarnon cognitive-behavioural assessment and treatment of youth and adults, anxiety, substance use problems
Dr. Robert McMahon cognitive-behavioral, social learning, developmental psychopathology family-based interventions for young children with oppositional behavior and other conduct problems
Dr. Marlene Moretti interpersonal developmental psychopathology and mental health programming
Dr. Allen Thornton personal construct theory, cognitive-behavioral neuropsychological assessment in persons with psychiatric and neurological disorders
Dr. Wendy Thornton cognitive-behavioral neuropsychological assessment of adults with brain insult or injury, with emphasis on cognitive changes associated with aging and dementia
Dr. Jodi Viljoen cognitive behavioral, empirically supported approaches forensic assessment and treatment of adolescents and adults
Dr. Shannon Zaitsoff developmental psychopathology eating and weight disorders