Meet the Members

All psychology graduate students are members of the Psychology Graduate Caucus. There are Caucus meetings once a month and all grad students are welcome to attend. Through the caucus, grad students can voice concerns and opinions about the department and also assist in departmental decision making. Feel free to contact any of the members below.

Madison Harvey - Chair 

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Crystal Huang - Treasurer

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Emma Kruisselbrink - Secretary

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Vivienne Mount - Social Coordinator

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Julia Vernon - GSS/Departmental Representative (Clinical)

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Julia Lukacs - GSS/Departmental Representative (Clinical) & Workshop Coordinator

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Emily Livingston -  GSS/Departmental Representative (Clinical)

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Jessica Flores de la Parra - GSS/Departmental Representative (Experimental)

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Brittany Dennett - TSSU Representative & GSS/Departmental Representative (Experimental)

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Maitland Waddell - TSSU Representative

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Nhi Huynh - TSSU Representative

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Shulamit Sternin  - First Year Representative

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Henri Lu - Statistics Representative

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