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Colloquia with Indigenous Scholars

 The Psychology Department IRC committee is commited to organzing various events including Colloquia with Indigenous Scholars, as well as small conversational meetings of Indigenous students with these scholars. Because of the pandemic, we have been able to hold these Colloquia and Small Conversational meeting over Zoom, and as such to date the Colloquia have been public events (described on our main page) open to the international community, and the Small Conversational meetings have been attended by Indigenous students from across Turtle Island.

Some of these Colloquia are highlighted in the sidebar headings.          

We have just held, as part of the 2022 programming, colloquia with Indigenous scholars:

Invited Speaker: Dr. JoLee Sasakmoose

Utilizing the Cultural Responsiveness Framework to Develop a Strength- Based, Trauma-Informed Practice: Understanding the Practitioner’s role in Indigenous Wellbeing
on Wednesday April 20th, 2022,

Event 1: 1-~2:15/20pm PT (for the main colloquium);  Main Event Registration (past)
Event 2: ~2:15/20-3:00pm PT (for the small group conversation  meeting of Dr. Sasakamoose with Indigenous students) Small group conversation participation REQUEST (past)

Invited Speaker: Dr. Karlee Fellner

iskotew & crow: (re)igniting narratives of Indigenous survivance & trauma wisdom in psychology
on May 17th, 2022,

Event 1: 12:30pm - ~1:50pm PT (for the main colloquium); Main Event Registration Page Link (past)
Event 2: ~1:50pm - 2:30pm PT (for the small group conversation  meeting of Dr. Fellner with Indigenous students) Small Group Participation Request Link  (past)    

We are pleased that the Clinical Sjcience Area of the SFU Department of Psychology joined the SFU Psyc IRC as a co-sponsor for this set of events with Dr. Fellner. We are appreciative of the Clinical Science area's support in helping make the event possible.

We are are thankful and excited to offer this programming. Planning for future programming is continuing.

In general, we set up the Eventbrite registration links, etc., for our events.
Events are open to the public.
Registration for the events is at no cost to participants.

If you would like to donate to the Indian Residential School Survivors Society, visit:

If you would like to donate to support the maskihky wellness community, organized by Dr. Fellner, donations can be made to:  

If you are interested in co-sponsoring an Indigenous Scholar Colloquium/Small Conversational Meeting Series with the Department IRC please contact us. Also, if you are interested in being on a mailing list for announcements for these Colloquia/Events with Indigenous Scholars, you are also invited to contact us.

Gettogethers amongst Indigenous Students

Additionally, the IRC is currently working with Indigenous students on the IRC to establish a structure for regular informal gettogethers for SFU Indigenous students in Psychology, or related fields, to meet with Elders, as well as to meet amongst each other. For now, these meetings are being planned to be held over Zoom with some being in-person.

The first meeting (held over Zoom) was scheduled for
   - Thursday Feb 10th, 2022, 2-3pm, and was held with Elder Margaret.
      We are grateful to the SFU Elders Program for facilitating this arrangment

The second scheduled gettogether (planned for in-person) was
   - for the week of April 11th

More meetings will be scheduled.  

To announce and to invite Indigenous SFU students in Psychology to the above events, emails were written by the Indigenous students on the IRC and are being sent out to SFU Psychology Undergraduate students and Graduate Students from a new SFU email address established specifically for the Psychology Department IRC. In addtition to announcing these gettogethers, as well as the general plan/idea for more of these gatherings, the emails include a Qualtrics survey for interest in the these and other gettogethers.

"We welcome all [SFU] graduate and undergraduate students in Psychology and related areas who self-identify as Indigenous from across Turtle Island and elsewhere. We recognize that due to colonialism, Indigenous Peoples are in various stages of connecting to their Indigenous culture and identity. We welcome all self-identified Indigenous students, wherever they happen to be in their journey."

If you are a student at SFU who is Indigenous or is of Indigenous background who is in Psychology or a related field, we hope you will join in this community space.