Resources for Undergraduates in Psychology

A major component of obtaining a degree in Psychology is the completion of courses in research methods and statistics. The first section on this page lists recent quantitative focused offerings from the department. Since such courses can be daunting for students, we are also provide two additional sets of resources: a series of links that can be used to supplement course material, and a list of graduate students from the department who are interested in and available to tutor students.

Quantitative Course Offerings

The Psychology Department offers a number of courses that are relevant to students interested in pursuing quantitative methods as part of their training. Recent offerings include:

  • PSYC201: Introduction to Research Methods in Psychology
  • PSYC210: Introduction to Data Analysis in Psychology
  • PSYC301: Intermediate Data Analysis and Research Methods
  • PSYC402: Test Theory
  • PSYC410: Research Design I: ANOVA
  • PSYC411: Research Design II: Regression

Additionally, there have been many quantitative focused courses offered as "Selected Topics" via the course code PSYC391. Some recent examples include:

  • PSYC391: Well-being: Issues in Measurement and Modeling (Dr. Fouladi)
  • PSYC391: Data Communication (Dr. Sigal)

Recommended Links and Resources

The following are some resources that might help solidify some of the concepts from PSYC210, PSYC201, and PSYC301. If you come across a link you found particularly  helpful and wish to share it with your classmates, please let Dr. Sigal know!


The following is a list of graduate students from the SFU Psychology Department who are willing to take on tutoring appointments. Please note that PMC is only responsible for hosting this list -- all organization and details of payment are between you and your potential tutor. [NOTE: If you are a graduate student and interested in being included on this list, please e-mail Dr. Sigal]

  • Name: Bertrand Sager
  • SFU E-mail:
  • Courses Available to Tutor: PSYC210.
  • Rate: To be determined following first consultation (which is free).
  • Comments: I am a PhD student in cognitive neuroscience. I have TA'd 210 for at least five years (with four different instructors), and have over 20 years of experience in education. I prefer to tutor PSYC210 because I think it's the most important course; if you grasp the concepts presented here, you should be well equipped to understand all statistical thinking. I can explain every concept in at least four or five different ways, and my emphasis is on helping you understand how and why things work the way they do and how they relate to each other; you'll learn how to do the work as a side-effect of understanding the concepts. It's not easy, but students that are willing to put the time and effort into learning this stuff and are willing to change the way they look at it typically show high success rates. (References available upon request).
  • Name: Elisabeth Kreykenbohm
  • SFU E-mail:
  • Courses Available to Tutor: PSYC210, PSYC301, PSYC410, PSYC201, PSYC221, PSYC386.
  • Rate: $30/hour.
  • Comments: I have completed my MA degree and have been a TA for 4 years for several different courses, particularly statistics-based courses with great reviews. I aim to help you understand course concepts in ways and words that you can understand, and to see how your course fits together as a whole.
  • Name: Masha Tkatchouk
  • E-mail:
  • Courses Available to Tutor: PSYC201, PSYC210, PSYC301 (by Dr. Maraun only), PSYC410.
  • Rate: $30/hour.
  • Comments: TA for PSYC 210 for two semesters, Psyc Theory and Methods Open Lab consultant (P210, P301, P410) for two semesters. I have been tutoring (mostly P301) since 2006 whenever I have the time, because I find it incredibly rewarding to help students triumph over their fear of math/statistics and come to understand, and even like, the logic of data analysis and statistics. (References available upon request).
  • Name: Regard Booy
  • SFU E-mail:
  • Courses Available to Tutor: PSYC201, PSYC210, PSYC301.
  • Rate: $30/hour.
  • Comments: I've completed several graduate level courses in statistical methods and have several years of experience as a stats TA.
  • Name: Richard Hohn
  • SFU E-mail:
  • Courses Available to Tutor: PSYC210, PSYC301.
  • Rate: $30/hour.
  • Comments: Previous experience tutoring PSYC210. Combined eight semesters as a TA for 210 and 301.
  • Name: Sungil Bang
  • SFU E-mail:
  • Courses Available to Tutor: PSYC201, PSYC210.
  • Rate: To be determined.
  • Comments: I am a PhD student in law and forensic psychology. I've completed graduate level of research methods and statistics courses. And when I was doing my master, I have given assistance to undergraduate students in need of help with statistics.