2021 Psychology Undergraduate Award winners

June 18, 2021

Congratulations to this year's Psychology undergraduate award winners! These awards honour Psychology students who have demonstrated outstanding leadership, service, and/or academic excellence. For a list of award winners from previous years, click here.

Tristan Raymond

After successfully defending his honours thesis this past Spring, Tristan will be completing his BA, Honours in Psychology degree in the Fall 2021 term. Since transferring to SFU in 2018, he has pursued both academic and co-curricular opportunities within the Department of Psychology - most notably as a research assistant and as President of the Psychology Student Union. As an Honours student under the supervision of Dr. Tanya Broesch, Tristan investigated how mutually joyful interactions between fathers and their children in two small-scale societies are associated with child-father attachment security. He strives toward completing his MA and eventual PhD in hopes of one day becoming a clinical psychologist.

Julia Schillaci-Ventura

Julia recently completed her BA (Honours First Class with Distinction) with a major in Psychology, a minor in Criminology, and a Forensic Studies certificate. Since joining SFU in 2016 as a Gordon M. Shrum Major Entrance Scholarship recipient, she has completed three Co-operative Education work terms, been a teaching assistant, and worked in multiple research labs. For her honours thesis, Julia examined the factor structure and measurement invariance of a youth violence risk assessment tool.

Stephanie U

  • Crocker Family Scholarship in Psychology

Stephanie is in her final year at SFU completing a BA, Honours in Psychology degree and is particularly interested in improving sleep assessment and treatment in various patient populations. She began embarking on her university journey because of her interest in psychology and neuroscience that she developed after taking Psychology AP in high school. After receiving two Undergraduate Student Research Awards and completing her honours project with Dr. Ralph Mistlberger in the Sleep and Circadian Neuroscience Laboratory, she hopes to continue with translational research in graduate school.

Cassidy Ouldtata-Allan

  • Mary Batchelor Memorial Award

Cassidy is celebrating the completion of her BA, Honours in Psychology degree after five years of high academic achievements and community engagement. Since joining Simon Fraser University in 2016, she has been actively involved with the FASS One program, SFU Aquatics, the Hi-FIVE Movement for Mental Health, and has volunteered in multiple psychology research labs. Cassidy's honours thesis looked at whether shared acts of generosity, such as donating to charity with another person, can lead to greater feelings of closeness by fostering experiences of shared positive emotions. She plans on completing graduate studies in Clinical Psychology and one day becoming a psychologist.

McKenzie Bahrami

  • Mary Batchelor Memorial Award

McKenzie is celebrating the completion of their BA (Honours with Distinction) in Psychology. As a research assistant in the Intergroup Relations and Social Justice lab for the last 3 years, McKenzie has focused their efforts on understanding the impacts of equity seeking interventions on the actions and attitudes of privileged groups. Additionally, throughout their undergraduate degree McKenzie engaged with communities through mentoring marginalized youth, as a crisis line volunteer, and advocating for increased supports for other youth 'aging out' of the child welfare system. McKenzie is currently a community based victim service worker supporting survivors of intimate partner violence and plans to pursue a PhD in Counselling Psychology in the future.

Spencer Chen

Spencer completed her honours thesis at the Intergroup Relations and Social Justice Lab under the supervision of Dr. Stephen Wright. Her honours thesis examined the psychological mechanisms that lead to the dehumanization of suicide attempt survivors. Spencer hopes to eventually become a clinical researcher and contribute towards eliminating suicide. She also cares deeply about social justice and hopes to improve the mental health care system and reduce the stigma of mental illness.