SFU Psychology Assistant Professor Yuthika Girme has been selected as the recipient of the 2018 Barry Beyerstein Award for Excellence in Teaching. This award is given annually based on nominations from students. Yuthika has only been teaching at SFU for 2 years but it is clear from the students who nominated her that she has made a tremendous impact on our students in a short period of time.

“Every student experiences a teacher or professor that changes their outlook on school and education. These experiences can alter and shape an individual for their entire life. (…) Professor Yuthika Girme is that professor, and will be that professor, for many students now and in the future.”

“After taking Dr. Yuthika Girme’s class, I became more confident and I started to participate more in other classes as well”

“Dr. Girme’s class has inspired me in more ways than I have words to mention, and has awoken a new passion for relationship research.”

“She encourages in-class discussions and facilitates class activities in which everyone’s opinions are valued and respected, and students are challenged to think critically about relationship processes and what may be contributing to the results of research findings. She promotes participation through engaging conversations with the class, and never attempts to end discussions in which students are immersed in for the sake of time.”