PSYC Research Lab Fair 2018

Tuesday October 16th | 11:30-2:30PM | North AQ

Fifteen labs from five areas of psychology will be coming together to present the research being conducted in their labs. This is a great opportunity for students to learn about new research, to discover volunteer and research assistant positions, and to network with faculty, grad students, and research assistants.

Attending the fair is particularly important if you are considering graduate school, especially if you are thinking about clinical or experimental psychology, which require their students to have research experience. This is a great opportunity to explore which areas of research are of interest to you, and which faculty members you may wish to contact about research opportunities.

Participating Labs


Adolescent Forensic Psychology Lab

We will be providing an overlook of some of our studies, risk assessment, and risk management tools.

Adolescent Health Lab

We will be presenting research on adolescent mental health and attachment.

Attention Lab

We will showcase some classic perceptual experiments combined with modern, state-of-the-art, vision-science technologies.

Autism and Developmental Disorders Lab

Since 2012, the ADDL has held a summer camp for children with and without autism spectrum disorder. This year we are once again hoping to recruit many dedicated volunteers to make our 2019 SFU Social Science Camp a great success! 

Behavioral & Cognitive Neuroscience Institute

We will be presenting structural and functional brain imaging research in developmental cognitive neuroscience.

Children’s Memory Research Group

Our table will have examples of current and past research happening in the lab, as well as examples of study stimuli.

Cognitive Aging Lab

The Cognitive Aging Lab will present recent research findings, samples of common neuropsychological measures, and opportunities to sign up to participate or volunteer.

Couples Lab

We will be presenting an overlook of our current studies that will include helpful relationship tips and skills that intersect with our research.

Human Electrophysiology Lab

We will be presenting research on electrical neuroimaging of attention control and visual search.

Measurement & Modelling Lab

We will be presenting examples of the questionnaires we are currently studying as well as a description of the research goals of the lab, supplemented with relevant pictures and diagrams.

Mental Health Law and Policy Institute

The Director of the Institute is Ronald Roesch, a professor in the Department of Psychology at Simon Fraser University. Various members of the MHLPI will be represented, student opportunities are situated in the broad domain of individuals with (and without) serious mental illness who are in some way involved in the criminal justice system. Come find our booth for more concrete examples of projects and studies. Research opportunities with: Dr. Kevin Douglas, Dr. Stephen Hart, Dr. Tonia Nicholls. 

Psychological Foundations Lab

We will be presenting the studies that we are currently running at the lab and be inviting students to find out which hemisphere is dominant for language processing.

Social Cognition and Emotion Lab

We will be presenting posters of past research, providing application forms and application information, and looking forward to talking to students about our experiences as research assistants. 

Supporting Relationships and Wellbeing Lab

Our research aims to understand how social relationships can foster better psychological and physiological wellbeing. Given the crucial role of intimate relationships in protecting people against psychological and physical health problems, our research aims to determine when and for whom relationships foster greater wellbeing. While past research suggests that coupled people experience greater wellbeing compared to single people, relationships can also be a source of hurt and conflict, which single people can avoid. We also conduct research which aims to understand factors that maximize single peoples' wellbeing.

Vision Lab

Our lab features research on how people pay attention to the visual world.

PSYC Research Lab Fair 2017

Tuesday November 14th | 12:00-3:00PM | North AQ

Fifteen labs and 54 lab members were present at the 2017 Research Lab Fair. An average of 44 students visited each table and benefits to students included networking with faculty and grad students, learning about the different labs and the variety of research they conduct, and being presented with opportunities to participate in research and to become a research assistant.

Research presentations convered topics such as:

  • The development of giving behaviour in infants
  • How people pay attention to the visual world
  • How people process others and their social world
  • Structural and functional brain imaging research in developmental cognitive neuroscience
  • Research on neurocognition and health to better understand predictors of successful aging
  • Supporting families of children with developmental disabilities
  • Tackling research questions aimed at advancing measurement and modeling of Psychological Phenomena, particularly in the areas of health and well-being (e.g, depressive symptomology, physical activity, concussion symptoms, sexual health)