Journal Team

The journal has been managed by students within the SFU Psychology/Neuroscience honours cohort since it's inception in 2014. It is composed of an undergraduate editorial board of section editors, a graduate review board, and a team of managing editors.


What do these roles look like?

Managing editors are the directors of the journal and are responsible for all logistal, financial, and administrative duties. This includes making ultimate decisions regarding publications, marketing of the journal, and ensuring publication of the journal; among other duties.

Section editors will be chiefly senior undergraduates or honours students majoring in psychology or behavioural neuroscience. All editors will have competence with reviewing and editing articles submitted for publication, and making editorial decisions regarding what to publish. This will include participating in workshops to develop such skills.

Graduate reviewers are primarily graduate students in Psychology with expertise in a specific sub-area. They will review the originality, ethics, and structure of submissions, provide critical comments, and ultimately, advise section editors to accept, reject, or revise a given article. Reviewers offer expert advice on submissions to our editors during formal review.