2019 Issue VI Team

Managing Editors

Lindsay Samson - social
Tom Maloney - clinical
Jennifer-Ashley Hoffmeister - CNS, clinical


Section Editors

Sherene Balanji - law and forensic
Troy Boucher - developmental
Victoria Carriquiriborde - CNS
Hannah Fikkert - social
Nicole Kauppi - developmental, clinical
Shanna Li - law and forensic
Michelle Morin - social
Marisa Mylett - social
Raiyan Syeda - CNS
Laurissa Wilson - clinical


Graduate Review Board

Emily Livingston - clinical
Henri Lu - clinical
Scott Neufeld - social
Maitland Waddell - social

Who's who? From left to right

Top row - Hannah, Marisa, Tom, Shanna, Troy, Jennifer

Bottom row - Michelle, Sherene, Victoria, Raiyan