Submission Guidelines


All submissions must be:

  1. Original and authored by the submitter
  2. Written while the author was pursuing an undergraduate degree (at any institution)
  3. No more than three years old from time of submission
  4. Unpublished, and not currently being considered for publication by another journal
  5. Approved by supervisor(s) if written for a directed studies or honours project



All submissions must follow these formatting guidelines:

  1. Files must be in .doc or .docx format
  2. Manuscripts should be typed in English, using 12-point Times New Roman font and double-spaced
  3. Page numbers should appear on the top right hand corner of every page, with the title page as page 1
  4. No authorship information should be included in your submission file
  5. Adhere to APA formatting (6th Edition) unless stated otherwise

Title Page - The title page should only include the title of the paper, page number, and running head. As to ensure a blind review process, names of authors should not be included.
Abstract - Abstracts are required, and should provide a concise summary of the paper. All abstracts must be within a 150-250 word limit.
Keywords - Please provide a maximum of 6 keywords immediately after the abstract.
Acknowledgements - Acknowledgements may be provided AFTER the initial review is completed. This will ensure a blind review process. Upon approval, you will receive further instructions about how to send us your acknowledgements.

Headings - When used, headings and subheading should be consistent throughout an article and should follow APA guidelines.
Figures, Tables, and Captions - Figures and Tables should be numbered according to their sequence in the text. All figures and tables must occupy their own page after the text. Figure captions should not be part of the figure but should instead be presented below their respective figure. We highly encourage figures to be presented in black and white if possible. We will provide one free page for coloured figures for each submission. Authors will have to pay for the printing costs for additional pages of color.

References - All sources should be scientifically credited (i.e., academic journals or books) and all citations must conform to APA guidelines. Providing Digital Object Identifier’s (DOI’s) is encouraged but not required.
Sections - For research articles the following sections are required: Abstract, Introduction, Methods, Results, Discussion, and References. Subheadings within sections are highly encouraged for organization.
Page limits - All literature reviews and critical essays should be a maximum of 15 pages, and original research papers should be no more than 20 pages (these page limits exclude Title Page, Abstract, Figures and Tables, and References).
*Formatting guidelines are in apart adapted from the UBCUJP APA guidelines.