SFU’s Vancouver Campus: The Intellectual Heart of the City

September 08, 2015

Described by the Vancouver Sun as the “Intellectual Heart of the City,” Simon Fraser University’s Vancouver campus was the result of a 10-year project the university undertook that changed the landscape of urban education in downtown Vancouver.

The campus currently serves over 70,000 people annually. Approximately 10,000 are students enrolled in credit and non-credit courses. In addition to leading edge research programs, a wide and varying range of undergraduate courses are offered each semester. Professional graduate degrees are available in business, gerontology, international studies, liberal studies, public policy, publishing and urban studies. A unique program in liberal and business studies offers the opportunity for degree completion for those already in the work force.

Thousands of other individuals, groups and companies attend SFU conferences, lectures, performances and exhibitions or are involved in courses, seminars and meetings organized externally, but held at SFU Vancouver.