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Frequently Asked Questions


How old do I need to be to participate?

13-18 years old (grades 8-12)


How many students are allowed in a team?

4-8 people. If you register in smaller numbers, we will pair you up with other students.


Can I register as an individual?

We encourage you to register with a group of students but you can register as an individual and be paired up with other students.


Can I register with a student from a different school?

Yes, although registering with students from the same school will likely make future teamwork easier.


Do I need to bring signed consent forms from my parents/guardian?

Yes, you will receive the two forms in advance of the event that each team member's parent/guardian must fill out (a parental permission for leave of absence from school and another for permission to record you via photo/video). You must bring and submit the signed consent forms with you on the day of the event to participate.


Do I need a teacher or adult supervisor from my school?

We recommend that you ask an adult representative (school teacher, counselor, support staff, etc.) to accompany your team to the event. Only if you have your parent/s’ approval of unaccompanied participation may you attend without an adult representative from your school.


If I am a teacher looking to bring a class to this event, who can I get in contact with?

Please email Shea O’Neil at and she will assist you in coordinating your class(es)’ attendance.


What is the deadline for registration?

OCT 26th, 2015 but we encourage you to register earlier to reserve your spot!



What is a sustainability innovation challenge?

This challenge is for students to design a project, through their own ideas and interests, along with the knowledge shared by community leaders, to address sustainable food related issues at their schools. Students are free to creatively address the challenge through a variety of lenses, including: technology, education, communications, community building, infrastructure change, or a combination of the above or others.


Do I need to come with a prepared idea/project?

Not at all. We will have a Resource Package developed for you to inform and inspire you ahead of time, so feel free to bring an idea, but your ideas/projects will be developed during the day.  


What is the commitment timeline?

Everyone will be participating in the one-day sustainability innovation challenge, but many of you will be developing your projects at your schools over the next 3-6 months.


Is there an agenda for the day?

Yes, an agenda will be included in the Resource Package to be sent out before the day of the workshop.


What are the prizes?

The project that you develop and pitch to a panel of judges could be awarded start-up funding!




How do I get to Science World?

We encourage all forms of sustainable transportation (walking, cycling, skateboarding, public transit and carpooling). Telus World of Science is located by Main St. Skytrain Station (on the Expo line). They also have bike racks in the front  


What do I need to bring with me on the day of the workshop?

Bring your ideas and passion! And also a reusable water bottle or mug - help make this a zero-waste event.  We suggest bringing enough money for transportation and incidentals, but please leave valuables at home as you will be moving around the space quite a bit throughout the day.