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Who Needs Canada? 2017 Community Summit

The 150th anniversary of Confederation is a critical opportunity to think and engage on Canada’s role in the world. At the same time, global trends show a growing divergence between the values Canada upholds and events taking place outside of our borders.

In light of the possible futures before us, what role does Canada need to play on the world stage?

What risks might Canada face as a result of this shifting political landscape?

What value can Canada offer to the world?

Is Canada needed? If so, why?

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February 27th

From President Trump to Brexit, we are witnessing dramatic global change. What impact will these shifts have on Canada? What role does Canada need to play on the world stage? What value can Canada offer to the world?   


What is it like to be famous in China? How can comedy bring Canada and China closer together? Join Dashan (大山) as he explores these questions in his first-ever stand-up comedy performance in Metro Vancouver.  


Culture rests at the heart of human connection. It enables us to cross oceans, find common ground, and build empathy across borders. What role does culture play in building better understanding between China and Canada?


From climate change to refugee settlement, cities around the world are tackling critical and complex global issues. Metro Vancouver’s municipalities are increasingly recognized for their efforts and their important role that goes beyond our region’s boundaries. What are the opportunities for Canadian cities overall in the global arena? How are the leaders of Canadian cities having impact on the world stage and in addressing global issues? Where are they not yet, but should be?  


What does a Trump presidency mean for Canada? We know that Canada needs the United States, but do they need us? These questions are on the minds of many as our country’s most important political and economic partner begins an unprecedented and unpredictable transition. 


Robert Fisk, an award winning Middle East correspondent for The Independent, will provide us with an on-the-ground perspective of events in the Middle East and the origins of the refugee crisis.


Canada’s role in international trade affects our lives on a daily basis, but many of us know very little about the movement of goods, products, and people around our cities and the world, let alone the impact this has on our nation’s economy. 


Researching the Globe is an inspirational evening showcasing SFU research activities that are having, or have the potential to have, impact beyond our borders.    

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