How to Stay Connected During Self Isolation - Samm Bradd, Drawing for Change
A beautifully illustrated guide on how to stay connected while physically distancing.

Staying socially connected during the global pandemic Plan
5 ideas to get you started on staying in touch with people you care about. 

Health and Wellness

How to Stay Healthy During Self Isolation
Faculty of Health Sciences professor Scott Lear provides tips on how to stay healthy during self isolation, including staying socially connected, exercising and eating healthy. 

Resources and Self Care for Graduate and Postdocs SFU
A collection of resources to support SFU graduate students, postdocs and staff. 

Mental Health Wellness Tips for Quarantine Eileen Feliciano
Psychologist Eileen Feliciano offers 25 practical tips to help manage your mental health while socially distanced. 

COVID-19 advice for the public: Myth busters WHO
The WHO has created a number of "myth busters," easy-to-share graphics that you can use to bust myths about coronavirus when talking with family and friends.

Ten Ways to Stay Well During the COVID-19 Pandemic MindWell
Wellness tips as well as free mindfulness resources and training to help decrease stress, become more mindful in your daily life, build resilience and feel more able to face these uncertain times.

How to stay positive and resilient while working from home SFU
SFU Psychology professor Lara Aknin shares some advice and recommendations on how to maintain resilience and remain happy during these challenging times.

COVID-19 and mental health and well-being CMHA
CMHA has put together some resources and suggestions to help support your mental health at this time of uncertainty.

Mental Health Resources for Undergraduate and Graduate Students SFU
The Faculty of Health Sciences Graduate Caucus has created a list of mental health resources and supports available to undergraduate and graduate students during this challenging time.

Keeping elders safe while combating loneliness during COVID-19
Gerontology professor Andrew Wister, director of SFU’s Gerontology Research Centre, has suggestions for how we can protect and support elders and what to do if they aren’t taking COVID-19 seriously.

Your One-Stop Wellness Hub FamilySparks
This is the place to find timely, clinically-based mental health articles for you and your family.

Coronavirus Bonus The Happiness Lab
A podcast with resources and tips to help you get through these tough times including how to beat isolation and loneliness, how to remain calm, how to help others and more. 

Food, Movement and Living 

Moving in a Liveable Region during COVID-19
Information you need to know when using mobility options during COVID-19.

Vancouver’s Take-Out Options, Mapped
Here's a map and an A-Z on where Vancouverites can order take-out, delivery and get nourishing provisions right now.

Take Home Vancouver - Vancouver Is Awesome
A helpful guide for delivery and takeout during the COVID-19 crisis.

Support your local, independent restaurants Breaking Bread
A list of restaurants across British Columbia and beyond that are offering delivery, take-out, curb-side pick-up, meal prep, grocery and more, as well as other ways of showing support.

Support Vancouver's Local Delivery Businesses YVR Local Delivery
A list of delivery option including bakeries, cosmetics, books, entertainment, pharmacies, liquor, groceries and many more.

Free Resources for Activities, Arts and Culture

The VPL’s Digital Library
While Vancouver Public Library Branches may be closed, you can download ebooks and e-audiobooks and stream TV shows and movies through their digital library.
Don't have a library card? Vancouverites can register for a library card online at: Or you can call the VPL at 604-331-3670.

Gutenberg Project
Download free books, e.g. Shakespear, Edgar Allen Poe, Frankenstein, etc. 

The Social Distancing Festival
An online artist’s community made to celebrate and showcase the work of artists around the world who have been affected by the need for social distancing.

Criterion on Demand - via SFU Library
SFU students, faculty and staff access to more than 3000 classic films of educational relevance.

VIFF introduces curated streaming!
VIFF is teaming up with independent distributors to offer curated online streaming opportunities.

Stream films and videos for free on NFB website
While we can't go to the movies at the moment, the National Film Board of Canada brings Canadian-made content and films to our small screens for free!

Vancouver arts and entertainment live streams and online content you can watch at home Vancouver Sun
A regularly updated list of events by local artists who are dedicated to providing live and interactive content at a time when many are confined to their homes.

Free Lynda Tutorials
All Lynda tutorials are free to access with a Vancouver Public Library Card via VPL website.

Open Culture
Open Culture brings together high-quality cultural & educational media for the worldwide lifelong learning community.

Culture Online
Visit museums, view live music, watch dance, explore science centres, from across British Columbia, all from the comfort of your home.

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