Coronavirus Readings - The Syllabus
Serious reading on the social, economic and political aspects of this global pandemic.

SFU experts' research and advice on COVID-19
These Simon Fraser University experts are available to speak on different aspects of the COVID-19 outbreak in Canada.

Law in the Time of COVID-19
This podcast explores how governments, organizations, and individuals are managing the impact of COVID-19, and offers insights to help navigate the challenges ahead.

Human Rights Dimensions of COVID-19 Response
This document provides an overview of human rights concerns posed by the coronavirus outbreak, drawing on examples of government responses to date, and recommends ways governments and other actors can respect human rights in their response. 

Policy Statement B.C.'s Office of the Human Rights Commissioners
Guidance for employers, landlords, service providers and each of us as individuals about how to ensure that human rights are protected and balanced during this time.

COVID-19 A data perspective - Statistics Canada
A web-portal that provides the latest information and data related to some of the key economic trends and social challenges that are emerging as the COVID-19 situation evolves across Canada.